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Can/Am BTA is a premier binational advocacy organization for important border issues.

Value Added Benefits of Membership:

We provide a single unified U.S./ Canada Border Trade Alliance with members from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean.

Can/Am BTA is a grassroots organization of private and public organizations involved in the business of trade/visitation/transportation/economic progress between Canada and the U.S. with current trade activity of $2,400,000,000 (billion) Cdn. per day.

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Can/Am Border Trade Alliance Accomplishments:

-Earned a reputation of credibility/objectivity/effectiveness through its track record.

-Network of cross border businesses and institutions, for swift and effective action on U.S./Canadian border and trade issues (Example: *Leadership role in the technical amendment of section 110 of the 1996 illegal immigration bill to prevent gridlock at the U.S./Canada border).

* Defeat of the mandatory “Head Tax” for U.S. entry, 1995.

* Preservation of line release to enhance processing of commercial shipments.

* Designated to participate in the Canada/United States of America Accord on our Shared Border.

-Recognized by both U.S. and Canadian customs, immigration, trade and transportation agencies for interaction on U.S./ Canadian border activities and issues.

-Diverse Canadian/ American expertise successfully forged into a unified proactive resource.

-Broad based geographical representation encompassing Canadian Border Provinces/U.S. Border and related States.

-The initiation of the formation of the Northern Border Caucus composed of Congressional Representatives in the United States House of Representatives and a companion U.S. Senate network.

-Can/Am BTA Annual Washington, D.C. and Ottawa conferences and meetings with senior level government officials.

-First hand briefings on critical government activities relative to U.S./Canadian border crossing, transportation and trade.

-Proactive initiatives in key areas of critical importance to members.

-Effective working relationships with Canadian and U.S. elected and government agency senior officials allowing input on policy development.

-The recent White House evaluation of NAFTA rated it marginally positive since its inception in 1994. This was inclusive of the very positive growth in trade between the U.S. and Canada trade that is the result of the 1989 Free Trade Agreement and would have essentially occurred without the subsequent passage of NAFTA, it would be most enlightening to have an evaluation of the individual Mexican and Canadian segments.

-The U.S. Northern and Southern Borders are uniquely different and each has distinct attributes, conditions and needs.

-The Southern Border has unique serious problems which continually receive media attention while the Northern Border receives little or no positive attention.

-Can/Am BTA is dedicated to raising the profile of the U.S./Canada Border and working to enhance the facilitation of trade and visitation, effective enforcement, and recognition of the very real major benefits to the economies and job creation of both countries.

The Can/Am BTA needs funding and your participation to operate, accelerate momentum and achieve results.

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