What does CBSA President Luc Portelance have to say about Can/Am BTA?

“Can/Am BTA makes a difference. It is a very important forum.”

The purpose of the Can/Am BTA is to:

  • Unify U.S./Canada border interests country-wide.
  • Promote involvement and integrate activities with regional organizations.
  • Enhance two-way commerce and tourism activities between the U.S. and Canada.
  • Assist U.S. and Canadian border activities in meeting the challenges for the next decade and beyond.
  • Provide a single private/public sector bi-national leadership entity dedicated to the resolution of U.S./Canada border issues, needs and concerns.
  • Fill an essential void not duplicated in the existing fabric of local/regional organizations.
  • Provide data collection/tracking by documenting the needs and unique characteristics of the U.S./Canadian border; developing solutions and initiating needed actions.
  • Monitor border operations and improve border clearance processes, technologies and policies.

The Canadian/American Border Trade Alliance holds scheduled international and regional member meetings coupled with effective communications, updates, issue alerts and a strong array of working task forces.