What does U.S. Ambassador to Canada David Jacobson have to say about Can/Am BTA?

“The Can/Am Border Trade Alliance was an extraordinary ally in the development of the Beyond the Border initiative and will continue to be in its implementation. Can/Am BTA is exceptionally effective at holding Government’s feet to the fire.”

The objective of the Can/Am BTA is to:

  • Integrate interests of individual CDN/U.S. Organizations in a focused cooperative effort to resolve border-wide issues, problems, & needs.
  • Regularly interact with federal, state/provincial, & local gov officials on border trade, border crossing resources, practices & policies.
  • Provide a forum to mobilize an effective & responsive public/private partnership focus on U.S./CDN border & border crossing capabilities.
  • Expedite processing of passengers and cargo maintaining enforcement capability.
  • Prioritize needed courses of action.
  • Introduction of improved technologies.
  • Consolidate and maintain a comprehensive data base to generate analyses and evaluations to address issues and concerns.
  • Maximize cross border trade and related job creation and NAFTA activities.
  • Encourage economic development and tourism between the U.S. and Canada.
  • Mitigate border congestion reducing air pollution.
  • Develop strategies and solutions to shape public policy and eliminate impediments to more efficient flow of goods and people.