What does Canadian International Trade Minister Ed Fast have to say about Can/Am BTA?

“The Canadian Government appreciates Can/Am BTA’s ideas and inputs. Can/Am BTA understands Trade and is in the forefront.”

The Can/Am BTA Working Focus Includes:

  • Customs/Immigration (U.S. and Canadian Government Agencies)
  • Infrastructure/Facilities
  • Appropriations
  • Transportation
  • Trade Issues
  • Tourism/Retail
  • Environmental Issues
  • Research and Evaluations

Representative Priority Issues:

Border Crossing Process

  • To perfect an efficient, common sense, interactive border crossing capability of U.S. and Canadian agencies. Examples include: Expediting known, low-risk travel and minimizing vehicle clearance times while maintaining effective enforcement and where possible harmonization of documentation and operating policies.
  • Involvement in policy formulation including Customs guest departure operations policy, user fee concerns, elimination of redundancy and support of adequate border agency budgets.
  • Propose solutions to staffing challenges, IT, and related technology enhancements and recommend specific improvements for interagency interaction.


  • To provide efficient access to markets.


  • To improve roadway connections.
  • To facilitate regional trade corridors and local planning priorities with the users benefit in the forefront.
  • To upgrade facilities and improve local access.
  • To implement new technology.
  • To maximize use of current resources.
  • To optimize border crossing capability.


  • To maximize two-way cross border visitation.


  • To enhance the growth and positive economic impact of the current $1.9 Billion in commerce crossing the U.S./Canadian border.