What does Senior Advisory Board Member David Wilkins have to say about Can/Am BTA?

“Can/Am BTA understands the realities of the Canada/U.S. relationship…And is the champion of the Canada/U.S. Border.

The Can/Am BTA Leadership, Executive Board of Directors, and Senior Advisory Board consists of over 20 prominent and highly-respected public and private sector leaders and vocal border advocates.


Executive Board of Directors:

Bruce E. Agnew
Cascadia Center
Solomon Wong
InterVistas Consulting Inc.
Vancouver, BC
Allan Cocksedge
Senior Associate
Global Public Affairs
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Greg Dandewich
Senior Vice President
Economic Development Winnipeg
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Gil Duhn
General Manager Customs (Ret.)
General Motors Corporation

Robin L. Brown
Vice President Gov’t Affairs
Ingredion Incorporated
Chicago, IL
Robert Frazier
Executive Vice President, Emeritus
University of Montana
Gary A. MacNew
Regional Vice President
Supply Chain Optimizers
Calgary, Alberta
Stephen Covey
Chief of Police and Chief Security Officer
Canadian National
Matthew Parrott
Director Transportation
A.N. Deringer, Inc.
Robert Perkins, Ph. D.
Global Trade Associates
Washington, D.C.
Carl Savarino
Speed Global services
Buffalo, New York
Pat Whalen
Niagara Global Tourism Institute
Buffalo/Niagara, New York
Candace Sider
Vice President
Regulatory Affairs North America
Livingston Intl. Inc.


Senior Advisory Board:

Lew Holloway
Former General Manager, Niagara Falls Bridge Commission
Hon. John Manley, P.C.
President, The Business Council of Canada
Hon. Jim Horsman
Former Deputy Premier Alberta Government and Former President PNWER Private Sector Council
Ambassador Roger Noriega
Former Assistant Secretary Western Hemisphere, United States Department of State
Hon. John LaFalce
Former Member of Congress and originating Chair of the House Northern Border Caucus
Hon. David Wilkins 
Former United States Ambassador to Canada
Hon. William L. Owens
Former Member of Congress and Co-chair of the House Northern Border Caucus
Hon. Thomas Winkowski
Former Acting Commissioner Customs and Border Protection (CBP)Former Acting Director and Principal Assistant Secretary Immigration and Customs Enforcement U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Hon. Gary Doer
Former Canadian Ambassador to the United States
Luc Portelance
Former President, Canada Border Services Agency
Hon. Gil Kerlikowske
Former Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)


Executive Leadership:

  James D. Phillips
President & CEO

  Pat Whalen
Executive Vice President

Can/Am Border Trade Alliance
P.O. Box 929
Lewiston, New York 14092
Telephone/FAX (716)754-8824